Fluid Art Series

Fluid Art Series

My abstract fluid art pieces are somewhat optical illusion creations…when you view the paintings; they are not static but seem to flow in a liquid fashion. This is largely due to the deep layer of clear or tinted resin which encases the surface.

Movement has always fascinated me from an early age, and you may remember the hummingbird drawing I did when I was 5 years old showing the blur of movement from the bird’s wings from my recent email. Then there are other subjects which have fascinated me in my career regarding movement, such as the speed of the Spitfire plane…the traffic from scenes of Times Square taxis…and the power of yacht boats powering and splashing through the waves.

However, when I move into the domain of abstract creation, fluid movement takes on a different dimension. It’s not literal, but its inspiration is pure movement. It’s all about the qualities the various materials I’ve used hold, and their application are particularly fluent. However, they dry to a hard surface. The resin is so flowing that I work with the canvas flat on the ground no matter how large the piece. To have it on an easel or upright would cause the resin to run.

This causes my challenges for the larger pieces as sometimes I need to create scaffolding structures to reach the middle of the canvas!! It can be tricky, but there’s always a way.

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