Visualise art in your home

Visualise art in your home

The most important thing for my gallery team and myself as an artist is to make the experience of buying art fun and exciting. It can be a challenge, especially if you’ve been looking for that special piece for a long of time…how do you go about choosing? Art is such a personal thing, and there is so much variety amongst different artists, and indeed my personal portfolio is hugely eclectic.

To take the stress out of the equation, I’m thrilled to launch a new way to go about considering a specific piece.

My Gallery team can superimpose the piece of art you are interested in directly on your wall if you can send a picture of the room. A completely free and no-obligation service. Check out some of our examples below.

During another spell of lockdown, we are restricted in what we can buy, where we can shop and what we can do. This is the most proactive way for us to find good homes for my paintings.

It’s also fascinating for you to see how a piece of art transforms a room, try a variety of paintings on the same wall, perhaps? This allows you the confidence that your selection is right for you.

After lockdown, I’m so excited to reopen my Gallery in High Wycombe town centre for appointments and viewings.

Best wishes