A time for reflection

A time for reflection

10th November 2020, the day before Remembrance Day, a time of the year, we historically turn our focus to the many war victims. They sacrificed their lives for us to be free and at peace. Tomorrow is a sombre day as we acknowledge peoples loved ones who were so heroic.

The very nature of war means lives lost, destruction, pain and suffering.

In 2020, who would have thought we would find our selves in a different sort of battle? The battle of COVID-19. We acted globally and as a nation to fight this deadly illness, which has claimed so many this year.

In the future, we will pay remembrance to the NHS… our front-line soldiers.

In the future, remembrance will be a tool for how we worked together to take measures, such as social distancing and adapting our lives to create a new normal.

In the future, we will pay remembrance to all the people who fell victim to the deadly illness.

In my current portfolio of artwork, two pieces stand out as being particularly appropriate to Remembrance Day. Poppy Haze and Remembrance 2020.

I have always been inspired by Poppy’s as a subject matter for the very reason that it is such a potent symbolic flower. Any time of year it still evokes that feeling of remembrance.

Stay safe