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Robin Eckardt
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About Me and My Work

Robin Eckardt

I was born on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico where I spent the first ten years of my life. I think a vibrant childhood strongly influenced my outlook on the world, particularly in my depiction of colour and texture Ö both important aspects of my paintings today. Since a very young age I have always had a passion for art. In my various studies as I'v become more serious Iíve had the freedom to develop and experiment with painting techniques. I completed my BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Bath Spa University College in 2003. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to launch my career as an artist largely through the representation of The Red Gallery in Thame, Oxfordshire.

I am very interested in the world and the environment around me and although my work is, to an extent, impressionistic, I also aim to capture the figurative and the very essence of reality. Consequently Iíve developed a style of contemporary painting that is quite textured and highly tactile with many layers of translucent glazes. My aim is to stimulate the viewers senses and imagination.

I have mainly painted cityscapes, skylines and landscapes from images Iíve found inspiring. I tend to choose the more obscure views for added interest Ö for example aerial views for perspective Ö or scenes involving movement Ö or have an interesting play on light, such as reflections.

My style lends itself to quite large canvases as this allows me to fully explore the boundaries of my highly varied and colourful palette of materials. Iíve always used mixed media in order to create work that is completely different and exciting yet aesthetically pleasing. I work in an energetic and instinctive way which adds to the dynamics of the painting and my personal expression. Ultimately I aim to leave the viewer with a sense of emotion and experience.

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